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MCL: My Beloved Swan (Poem) [LYS]

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 3:52 PM

 ~ My most Beloved Swan ~

   There once was a lad, told to be quite the stunning chap , whom lived an ever so peaceful life. An astonishing crystal white colored hair-do, with the tips
a misty deep grey-ish green. His style,which was found rathar odd by most, seemed to bring out the most deepest part of him the most..Which, of course, was his
mysteriousness and uniqueness. Quite the gentlemen, yes he was. Always opened the door for a fair maiden, spoke only when neccasary, but spoke in a voice of which
that could sooth a downcasted child within mere seconds!

 Although he met a woman...No, THE woman his strong beating heart of stunning silver and georgous gold had been yerning, no better yet, acheing for!
It all happened so quickly, just a single Highschool dance...A single Newbie....and her batting, deep smokey grey eyes.... It was a love, no man, no owman, no
God could deny! They immediatly clicked, and from that night on, they continued to get to know each other.. After highschool, That Handsome Chap proprosed
To the woman of his dreams on the stage, after the two recieved their High-school Diploma's.

   Through Sickness & Health, Downfalls and The happiest moments of their lives, the two of them stood there. Right beside each other, hand in hand and their
hearts forever Intertwined.......Alass, at the mere age of 25 years, such a young age, the once Beautiful, no..Magnificent woman was now frail.. feeble,
pale to the bone, unable to stand, and sick in a hospital bed desperatly trying to fight her way to live.. But nomatter how much she fought, she ended up
leaving him. But once her spirit left her body, all she could do, before leaving to the wonderful glorious house of God, was stand above her now dead body
completely pain free watching her so beloved Lysander...

 She Gently went beside him place a hand on his shoulder, and though her body looked as if it had died in pain, she placed a hand on his shoulder , still a spirit,
and whispered gently in her honey sweet angelic voice "My Dearest Black Sparrow...You Musn't cry,'ll draw attention away from your exquisite Handsome features."
 With that said, she kissed his cheek, and floated to heaven.. Little did she know he broke down after a week, at the verge of insanity.. With a gun to the side
of him, as he sat in his desk, he wrote a final poem,  the final one of the hundreds of poems he has written to His Beloved Graceful Swan ebfore...

                    ~ My Beloved Swan ~

    A love, a bond, a woman and a man.

A lust, and a craving, as well as tears of sadness and joy.

With the eyes that reflected the gateways of the Heavens,

and bright misty white smile that could peirce the heart of many,

 Whom's silky pure tin silver hair, had always gently waved teasingly right below those hips I'd loved to caress,

A personality, she'd only show me...One of which was just like a child, a frail frightened child but with a heart of gold.

One single giggle, that would drive me aswell as my body insane at a solid yet mere second of its magnificent sound

A woman..whom always stood strong even at the face of danger!

 Now, was gone...left me without a trace..

As my teardrops stain this paper, all that my mind thinks of is her stunning beauty..

yet all my blurry, pained teary , eyes could see is this shivering hand of mine holding this quill to the paper..
  Agony,pain, regret..and betrayal is what runs through my mind,

I hopelessly ponder angrily, and furiously of why she never told me of how she was sick.

Of how her beautiful face, her beautiful soul, and beautiful smile were in so much pain...
I cannot comprehend any logic... My beloved is gone, but the two of us..

Her Black Sparrow, and my Beautiful...ever so beautiful, and truely beloved swam, will be..

               ~ Reunited once more... ~

   With these final words, within a matter of seconds a loud, booming, ear-piercing gun shot sound filled the disturbingly silent air as his lifeless body fell to the ground,
blood had splattered all along the poem he had written. When the handsome lad opened his eyes, he laid limpfully ontop of a cloud semi-consious only to be greeted by his
beloved whom now was wearing a short white silky dress, with wings that looked of the ones of a graceful swan. She smiled her ussual charming smiled, placed
Lysander's hand upon her stomach and whispered gently "....Looks as if, the handsome black sparrow flew its way home..only to be greeted by his beloved, and soon to be small sparrow to call their own.."

-For every Death, is only the begining...Remember this, pain will last only a little while...Where as Life in Heaven with true love, will last Eternity -


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WolvesAndAngels66 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy EasterHug 
Lia-Luv 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Awwwe, Happy easter to you too! <3 -Lia
AlbinaTheHedgehog Apr 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
how have you been doing my friend ^.^ :wave: 
Lia-Luv 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hiya! <3 I've been doing amazing! How have you been doing? :) -Lia
AlbinaTheHedgehog 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
good :) busy with my art~ how about you~
Lia-Luv 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Busy with life, I was busy ever since Tuesday, I just now was able to get online ^^ -Lia
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AnimalCreation Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, I must say I'm sorry for how I acted about the whole hair deal. I'm not exactly sure why anymore, but I was not in a good mood for some reason, and ended up taking it out on you, i;m very sorry and will be doing the next part of your commission correctly and orderly

Lia-Luv Apr 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It's not your fault deary! I was a little out of line myself, I was showing a bit of attitude aswell. ^u^ We all have bad days, and I never hold those against people. Let's forget the whole thing ever happened, okay? <3 -Lia
AnimalCreation Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can agree to that, thanks so much ;w;
Lia-Luv Apr 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your welcome <3 And have a blessed day. -Lia
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